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View from the Summit

Shanghai, 2012 View from the Summit (Or) Everything You Need to Know About the Future But Were Afraid to Ask On December 6, 2011, TED announced that the 2012 TED Prize would go to the City 2.0—the city that works. Grand luck for Vancouver to have the opportunity, so fresh in the new year, to…

Unaffordable (That’s What You Are)

Housing crisis in Vancouver

Local planners take a close look at Vancouver’s real estate market Sobering Warning from the Governor of the Bank of Canada on Vancouver housing costs To deliver his key address on Housing in Canada in June 2011, Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney chose his venue carefully, appearing in Vancouver at the Board of Trade….

Thank You


Dear volunteers and supporters, Thank you for coming to this party with heart, gusto and love for Vancouver. You brought wisdom, commitment, and worked incredibly hard around the clock for the success of this campaign. It meant everything to me, but it means more to our City. The election result is anything but a defeat—in…

We need real data – not speculation – on land investment and speculation in Vancouver

Screen Shot 2011-11-18 at 1.43.19 AM

Today I was interviewed by the CBC respecting a study they had citing Chinese names as an indicator of non-resident buying. My statement on this study was that as far as I am aware, no names are more Canadian than any others. Further, this is precisely the kind of “research” that shows how poor our…

Sandy Garossino – Position On Occupy Vancouver

Occupy Vancouver - aerial shot taken by reporter from Hotel Georgia

  The Occupy Vancouver protest and encampment on the grounds of the Vancouver Art Gallery has taken this election by storm, forcing all of us to reflect on our core values. Many share a deep sense of frustration that the movement appears to lack clarity and focus, and that public debates and spaces have been…

Sandy Garossino: Vancouver’s elephant in the room is unaffordability

Red elephant in the room by Banksy

Red Elephant by Banksy In Vancouver, the elephant in the room—that is, the glaring topic that everyone including City Hall has been avoiding discussion of—is skyrocketing house and rental prices. This questionnaire is a reprint from VREAA (Vancouver Real Estate Anecdotes Archive) who asked  Sandy Garossino to talk about the unaffordability of housing and rent in…

Pink up your Facebook and Twitter avatars!

Avatar - Vote Sandy Garossino

    We have had many requests for Sandy Garossino avatars. Here they are! Download any of these to your desktop and upload them as your profile photos for your Twitter and Facebook accounts! OR get a Vote Sandy Garossino Twitter avatar automatically here! Thanks for supporting Sandy! Go Pink! For other things you can…

Sandy Garossino gets backing of former Vision Vancouver executive Am Johal


By Carlito Pablo, November 2, 2011. Reprinted from the Georgia Straight.  At least one of the seven council candidates for Vision Vancouver shouldn’t expect a vote from a former board member of the ruling civic party. Long-time civic-scene watcher Am Johal served on the Vision executive until right after the party’s near-sweep of council in 2008. But he has…