Please note that the following endorse in their private capacity—corporate or organizational
designations are informational only and do not constitute endorsement by the organization:

May Brown    Former Vancouver City Councillor, early member of TEAM
Dr. Michael Stevenson and Jan Whitford    Michael is President Emeritus, SFU
Edmond Luke    Chair, Multi-cultural Advisory Council, Province of BC
Peter Ditchfield    Former DCC, Organized Crime Agency of BC
Dan Fraser    President, Nettwerk Music Group
Susan Marsden    President, BC Association for Charitable Gaming
Am Johal    Community Engagement Coordinator, SFU Woodwards
Forrest Phillips    Publisher, BC Parent Magazine
Woon Ai Tsang     Portfolio Manager, RBC
Amir Ali Alibhai    ED, Vancouver Alliance for Arts and Culture
Anne Giardini     QC, Writer, CEO of Weyerhaeuser Inc.
Rochelle Grayson     CEO, BookRiff Inc (technology and digital media)
Marvin Storrow     QC, Collette Storrow
Alix Brown    Realtor, Dexter Properties
Dr. Frieda Granot
     Former Sr Associate Dean, Sauder School of Business
Panos Grames     Communications Specialist, Suzuki Foundation
Ian and Ebie Pitfield    Ian is a retired justice of the BC Supreme Court
Val and Dick Bradshaw     Dick is former CEO of Phillips Hager North
James Johnstone    Heritage Activist, Strathcona/East Vancouver
Deborah Armour    CLO, The Law Society of BC
Daryl Martini     President, Nexus Construction
Mo Dhaliwal     Chair, Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration
Barbara Ross-Denroche     President & CEO, The Refinery Leadership Partners
Alma Lee      Founder, Vancouver International Writers Festival
Joan Gordon     Labour Arbitrator
David Pay      Artistic Director, Music on Main
Nancy Noble      CEO Museum of Vancouver
Ken Pickering      Founder and ED, Jazz Festival
Meeru Dhalwala     Co-owner, Vij’s & Rangoli Restaurants
Colin Harris     COO, PMC Sierra
Lindsay Brown     Writer/Designer
Shane Koyczan     Poet
David Jardine      Ministry of Attorney-General
Diana Lam
Vanessa Richards
Dolly Hopkins     Founder, Public Dreams Society
Elaine Carol     ED, Artistic Director, Miscellaneous Productions
Neal Lamontagne     Former City of Vancouver planner
Barbara Mowat     President, Impact Communications
Hank Bull     Founder, Centre A Gallery
Al Diamond    Award-winning Heritage Architect
Alda Pereira    2010 Vancouver Designer of the Year
Maurice Boucher    Ret’d, Technology and bio-tech venture capital sector
Barj Dhahan     Sandhurst Group
Rick Peterson     Richardson GMP, founder, Burgundy Lunch Club
Michelle Rupp     Chair, Minerva Foundation Board
Melanie Rupp     Founder, MyBusinessAdvisor.ca
Ross Harvey     Positive Living BC
Darlene Haber    Film-maker
Cynnie Woodward
Mike Carroll     QC and Ann Carroll
Raakhi Sinha    South Asian Arts
Yasmeen Strang
Hilary Reid     English Language Educator, UBC
Joanna Staniszkis    Textile artist and owner, The Silk Project
Kelli Bodnar     Senior Counsel, Justice Canada
Harvey McKinnon    Harvey McKinnon Associates
Mary Watson     Owner, Met Home
Dana Coburn     Owner, Met Home
Michelle Pockey    Partner, Fasken’s Martineau
Ryan Smith     UBC
Cynthia Roney     CEO Executive Passages
Kamal Basra     Partner, Sophia Financial Group
Tracy Theemes    Partner, Sophia Financial Group